Séculis only accepts candidates who:

ü  Share the values of Séculis

ü  Share our quality objectives

ü  Are multilingual and have experience in technical or multicultural areas

ü  Possess the necessary tools for the job (e.g. regarding translation, up to-date computer systems, in order to be able to timely respond to our challenges)


In order to be a part of the team of collaborators at Séculis, you must fill out our application form by accessing the link “Application Form - Collaborator”.

All applications are carefully analysed, and only the candidates who demonstrate high standards of quality skills are contacted.

Personal information is confidential and will only be used internally.

v  Important Information

v  Changes and Updates to the data in the “Application Form – Collaborator”

v  Protection of the Applicant’s personal information

In order to protect personal information, Séculis has access to the applicant’s information for reference only, but no changes can be made to it.

It is only possible to make changes to the information through the use of an applicant’s password, which is only known to the applicant. Back


  • Séculis celebrates 25 years of activity in May 2017!

    We want to say 'Thank You' to all of our Clients, Collaborators and Suppliers who contribute to our daily success and who have been with us during these 25 years!

    Bring on another 25 years!

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