The changes that globalization has engendered in labour in the labour world are not just felt at economic and technological levels, but also very markedly through the creation of a new ideology in which we should undertake.


The paradigm has changed. The value of knowledge is ephemeral!


Either through self-investment or business investment, Lifelong Learning is aimed at optimizing personal skills, which translates into greater commitment, better performance and improved outcomes.


Updated technical skills are essential both for individuals and companies, but behavioural skills play a paramount role when applying, articulating and developing the former, in a consistent manner.


The key to the difference in the optimization of outcomes of innovation-oriented visions lies in the increase in behavioural skills of people’s language and intercultural communication.


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With special focus on human relations – as organizations are made up of people – it is critical that employees adapt their mentality to the current reality, discovering assertive strategies that lead to the development of personal skills which in turn will help optimize organizations’ competitiveness.


Law no 99/2003 of August 27

Article 125 (


In Portugal, the legal obligation of any employer is to assure the right of every collaborator to further training. The law therefore determines a specific amount of hours of training that every worker has to receive in order to improve his employability and to increase the company’s productivity. Since 2006, the said number of training hours amounts to currently 35 hours per minimum annually.


Relating to the above mentioned, Séculis sees itself as a partner to helping organizations following the guidelines of the referred law and therefore making sure that employing entities fulfill their obligations regarding social responsibility. Through these further training measures, employers can not only improve their business performance, but also achieve better results from their staff. Back


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