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Aware of the globalizing trend of social and professional activities powered by the free circulation of staff within the EU, and by the Portuguese-speaking African countries, our Training Department offers a complete counselling and teaching service of languages. Firstly, it makes a diagnosis of the langue skills, always taking into account the specific needs of each participant - or groups - and learning goals, whether professional or other.




Customized processes and functional methods guarantee cater for trainee’s objectives.


We are able to provide in-house training or at our premises, as  Séculis  is duly equipped for the purpose.


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Professionals who, as a result of their activity, require knowledge of a second or third language, or any person who may want to learn a foreign language.


Technical experts, researchers, students, migrant workers, developers or other professionals whose activity involves travelling the world.  Back


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  • Séculis celebrates 25 years of activity in May 2017!

    We want to say 'Thank You' to all of our Clients, Collaborators and Suppliers who contribute to our daily success and who have been with us during these 25 years!

    Bring on another 25 years!

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